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Green Tow: Customers' Testimonials

Customer Testimonials for Green Tow

“I was so impressed with the excellent customer service experience I had with Green Tow last Wednesday. I called them up for a free “no commitment quotation” and was so struck with their professionalism and honest pricing that I didn’t bother to make a second call to price check with another company. I asked them to immediately come and tow me, and they arrived on the scene within 30 minutes. Thank you!”
Fiona Mann


“I had no idea that there was such a reputable and fast local team of roadside assistance specialists in town, until I lucked out with Green Tow. I was double-whammied by a dead battery and empty fuel tank on my way back from work one night. I called the operator to ask for a local tow and roadside assistance company, and was given Green Tow’s number. The name rang a bell and after a few minutes speaking to the customer service representative, I knew I was dealing with a quality outfit. The technicians were courteous, fast and above all, extremely helpful in refueling and replacing my dead battery!”
David Norwood


“Not usually one for filling in customer feedback forms, but I really feel like I have to say a special thank you to Green Tow for the excellent job they did in towing my Hilux last week. They were so professional and I was pleasantly surprised by the nice price too!”
Derek Marquez


“Green Tow is the only local towing company and roadside assistance service I recommend to clients when they buy a new or used car from me. I trust them completely to always fulfill their promises. In this day and age, this isn’t an easy task to find in a local company you work closely with, so I appreciate their honesty and integrity.”
Gabriel Alvarez


“To the best car locksmiths in town, Green Tow, you are absolute angels! Many thanks for your impressive car lockout solutions that have twice saved my day! I highly recommend Green Tow.”
Betty Smith

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